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X3: Albion Prelude

This mod attempts to add new ships and stations for all the races without making any major gameplay or balance changes to the vanilla X3TC experience.

============= Installation Instructions =============

  • Copy the addon folder into your X3TC directory, select yes to overwrite the existing folder/s and select the mod from the mod package option, play!
  • The mod will not overwrite any of the game files ============= Credits: My thanks to Mark A Condren for all his work on the scripts used in this mod to Lc4Hunter and Requiemfang for some base meshes used to make these ships to Yacek, CNSIndependence, Ryukazuha, Starbuck1978 and Ilricca for their work in translating this mod to Tenk for the Normandy SR-1 model to killerog for the MD base script to Aragon Speed for the Safe Undocking script to Sorenson for his scripts I based mine on to CCP Games and Mithis Entertainment for some of the base meshes and designs used in to make the ships in this mod to the modding community that has contributed much ideas to further improve this mod =============

==================== Recommended Scripts ====================

These are some optional scripts I highly recommend you get

X-Tra Jobs by vkerinav <-- This will allow NPC patrols and trade ship use the Xtra models as well. (Outdated)

New Terran Starts by Igor.tverd <-- New game starts designed to work with the new ships. Also features new start plots. (Outdated)

Logain Industries Production Modules by Logain Abler <-- This should help you manage large scale production, put those player-owned shipyards to better use and allow your M0's to produce ships.

Light Support Drone Carrier by Logain Abler <-- This will allow you to use the Drone Carriers as... Drone Carriers!

Salvage Commands & NPCs by ThisisHarsh <-- Makes salvage operations far easier

Marine Repairs by Tatakau <-- This will allow the Hakata to actually conduct repairs to docked ships

Advanced Weapons Research Mod (AWRM) <-- Adds new Commonwealth and Terran weapons and improves supply issues with some Vanilla equipment

AWRM/Xtra Ship Starts <-- New Game Starts meant to work with X-Tra and AWRM

==================== Known issues and solutions ==================== Unfortunately this mod isn't without issues, here are some known issue you might encounter and solutions them. Please note that these issues will is likely to occur when you play the mod with a vanilla savegame.

1] Some ships appear to have unusable IREs in their turrets

  • You need to use Cycrow's Cheat Script and clone the ship

2] Capital ships have trouble docking at the new shipyards and stations

  • Please use MarCon Cheat Clone Station and clone that station

3] In case you want to restart the script which adds ships/stations to shipyards. Change your pilot name to resetxtra

==================== Making it compatible with XSP ships ==================== This ship pack is not entirely compatible with XSP ships since XSP will always overwrite mods but can be made so with a little effort.

1] Uninstall all of your xsp ships using the Cycrow's Plugin Manager

2] Go into "/your X3TC directory/types" and remove the TShip file

3] Install Xtra Shippack as a fake patch

4] Open the Plugin Manager again and reinstall your xsp ships.


  • Restored missing scripts that was causing lock ups during loading screen
  • Made the mod compatible with Complex Cleaner