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X3: Terran Conflict

X3: Albion Prelude

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Improved Races 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the original Improved Races, it has the same features as the original with improvements across the board for stability and performance, as well as some tweaking and refining of existing features.


Image Displays Recommended Settings(Click for a larger image) Racial Sector Takeovers The Racial Sector Takeover Option allows you to enable racial assault fleets that will target nearby hostile territory and attempt to claim it for themselves. Incursion Response The Incursion Response Option enables the races to respond to assault fleets and other major incursions into there space by sending a defensive wing to protect that sector. Player Sector Takeover Allows the player to claim sectors they have conquered as there own True Relations The True Relations Racial Relations Model makes it impossible for a player to be friendly with all races. The True Relations Model works on the concept "Friends of my Enemy's are my Enemy's", making the way you play the game drastic different as you will have to choose who are you friends and who are you enemy's. Betrayal will not go over well here, In fact you could find yourself in a situation where no one likes you at all - Except maybe the pirates. True Relations: Notoriety Fixer The Notoriety Fixer gradually filters its way through the sectors for the galaxy fixing the stations stance to the player to or from hostile, depending on the players notoriety toward that race. True Relations: Show Reputation Changes The Show Reputation Changes option exists so that you can see exactly how True Relations functions, it will print out the relation changes as they happen to the subtitle UI.

Plot Protection Plot Protection (enabled by default) will attempt to preserve plot related sectors and stations and prevent IR from attacking these sectors and installations. THIS IS NOT PERFECT. It is recommended that if you desire being able to complete the terran plot then do not enable IR's Invasion or Response features until after you have done so. Low CPU Mode Low CPU Mode is intended for players whom computers have a CPU core frequency is less then 2.3ghz (This value varies alot depending on the core type, make and brand, but 2.3ghz seems to be a good average point where this option really helps) The Option works by increasing wait timers on all active scripts (an "Active Script" is deemed as a script that runs continuously on a ship or object for AI Logic), and it also cuts fighter counts on carriers by 50% Low CPU Mode: No Carrier Fighters This Option removes fighters from carriers completely, and is intended for use if you are running into frame rate issues even when in LowCPU Mode

Economy Booster The Economy Booster uses an intelligent information gathering and processing algorithm to asses the supply and demand situation of nearby sectors. After retrieving this data it formulates a list of stations that should be built to best support the economy in the surrounding areas. This process is time consuming because of the amount of waits that have been put in place to ensure this system does not impact the games performance at all, Each Ecobooster TL that is launched takes approximately 5 minutes to compute this data, and will then deploy the desired stations. Player Ship Construction Allows the player to purchases ships from a shipyard will pre-defined equipment load-outs to save the hassle of having to send ships to multiple equipment docks to get all the required extensions. Disable M7M Frigates This option will prevent IR from spawning Missile Frigates. You can enable this option if you need to reduce CPU load from missiles or you just hate missile frigates Wink Integrated CWP CWP has been embedded into IR2.0 to ensure optimal weapon configurations on IR ships, this embedded implementation is not mod specific and will not interfere with any other mods that run CWP New: X-Timelines Advanced Carrier Logic The X-Timelines Carrier logic has been ported to function in the standard game. The new logic uses a networked intelligence that allows all carriers of the same race within the same sector to function as one providing a highly effective and responsive fighter management logic If you find yourself up against a enemy IR carrier and your only in a fighter, i highly suggest to stay outside of its engagement range (30km). If you do accidentally draw the carriers attention, fly to an allied carrier, it will protect you.

Install with Plugin Manager Start a New Game, or Load an Existing Game Activate The Script Editor Save the Game, then Load the Game IMPORTANT: Dont forget to bind the IR Comm System Hotkey, and Configure the plugin (or it wont do anything Razz)

Alot of play-testing has been done but its inevitable that a few bugs will splip through, please report any you find! Thanks.

Known Mod Compatibility

X Rebalance Mod (XRM): OK X-Tended Terran Conflict 2.0 (XTC): Incompatible This mods own response system will cause IR's response system to go haywire, do not install this script with XTC if you like your games performance to be high as IR will spawn thousands of ships. Time of The Truth (TOTT): Incompatible Reason: Shield file is not compatible with the xtl.CWP.xml implementation DDTC: OK

Credits 7ate9tin11s: For the original IR concept Shuulo: Epic Beta Tester djrygar: For obvious reasons

Resources Used: Text File 7777 (Intentional Conflict with XTL Mod)


Fixed glitch that allowed multiple eco TL's to spawn in one sector Fixed glitch that allowed eco TL's to spawn without equipment Fixed glitch causing Military Bases spawning an infinate amount of ships Updated the universe cleaner to also clear IR's global limiter arrays as a possible temp fix for invasions stalling