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X3: Albion Prelude

Litcube's Universe is a complete overhaul mod for X3:Albion Prelude. It's my labour of love, 7 years in the making. There is very little of the game that I haven't touched. All scripts, code, and written modifications were written by myself (I modified all scenes, some models, but the credit for the models goes to the artist). A lot of LU development occurred when working with the XTL boys (TrixX, Jack08). Jack08 and I managed to wrap our heads around some pretty elusive stuff. When we figured something out, or found a new way to do something, we'd share info, and we'd both implement it into our respective project in our own way (XTL for Jack, LU for myself).

Most of my inspiration for LU came from this one question: What now? I have several capital ships, tons of resources, and credits flirting with the limits of a 32bit unsigned integer. But what do I do with it all? What's the point?

Litcube's Universe focuses on impending doom, and an answer to the question above. There's two threats in the Universe that you now have to deal with.

The Phanon Corporation: An insidious company that expands whether you like it or not. They need money just like you do. They trade just like you do. And if you get in their way, they will try to stop you. (See: The Phanon Corporation) Revelation: Something horrible is happening in the Omicron Channel, a series of sectors to the East of Blusih Snout. It's soon revealed that ships of seemingly Xenon origin have amassed a sizable fleet and are taking over sectors. One by one, this virus is taking over every sector of the Universe. You need to stop them. Push back the Omicron Channel Virus, and defeat them at their home world. (See: Revelation) So the ultimate answer to the question what now? Beat those two enemies. You'll need every optimization of your trader fleet, every cheap trick, and every strategy you've learned in X3 to push back at those new threats. Constant pressure on the regular rabble of the Commonwealth and Terran Universe are a necessity to avoid distraction while you deal with the main threats. Used to taking on the Universe with an M7? It's not enough anymore. On a simple invasion of the OCV (which is roughly half of a sector's fighting force), don't show up at the party with anything less than a few destroyers, wings of M6s, and several carriers with full hangars of armed-to-the-tits fighter ships.

I didn't stop there. You're not expected to deal with this alone. You have help in the form of a plethora of new tools which I've implemented to help you win. Automation features like Tug, Station Agent, Dock Agent, improved UTs, and a new experience point loot system will help you mass wealth to support your fleet. Once you start amassing a fleet, the Military Logistics Command Center, Dockware Manager, and Freighters will help you manage it. No one expects you to re-supply, re-create, or re-fuel those ships on your own; automated features like the Template Manager and hangar system will allow you to set and forget to rebuild your fleet on your specifications down to the granular missile range and target preference. Interface with your Headquarters more efficiently with tools for automation and easy management. Investing is wise: utilize the new, written from scratch stock exchange. Use improved Saturn Complex Hubs to seamlessly and effortlessly design and build complexes to produce wares for ship production and armaments. You're going to need it.


  • (1) Fixed: Updated installer to only check for base X3 executable